Raising The Hops

Client: Haint Blue Brewing Company

Starting a brewery is no small feat. Raising the funds to build a brewery is even more difficult. Haint Blue Brewing Company approached us to help them crowdfund investments for their brewery and taproom. We knew it would require a compelling story to convince people to invest in a startup that is in a highly regulated industry. Luckily, Haint Blue Brewing already had an incredible brand story.

How Mighty Helped

Meeting the Neighbors.

At the very core of the crowdfunding campaign was the brand story. With nothing more than a business plan and some home brews, we had to make people fall in love with the idea of Haint Blue Brewing Company. True to the brand, we made the rounds throughout midtown Mobile, meeting residents on the front porch and getting their take on the idea of having a brewery and taproom nearby. This allowed us to introduce the founder throughout the community, create brand ambassadors and generate authentic content for the crowdfunding campaign video.

The Book of Brew.

To ensure that the story continued on throughout the community, we produced a brewery book that served as a leave behind at each front porch. The brewery book gave residents an insider's view of the floor plan, architectural renderings and inspirations for the brewery and taproom.

Going Digital.

We wanted to make sure that Haint Blue Brewing had a digital presence as soon as the word got out. We built a one-page scrolling site that told the brand story and directed users to the crowdfunding campaign.

Talk About it Over a Pint.

Once every component of the crowdfunding campaign was in place, we went to work generating buzz by focusing heavily on social media. Each piece of content worked toward building the brand, showing progress and directing fans to invest. We ran a handful of paid ads on Facebook and the results were astounding. Keep in mind that according to Google, the average click-through-rate (CTR) across all display ad formats and placements is 0.06%. According to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Index Q1 2016 Report, the average CTR for Facebook ads is 0.98%.

Cheers to Crowdfunding.

After roughly two and half months, we closed out the crowdfunding campaign to move forward with the build out of the brewery. Not knowing what to expect in the beginning, Haint Blue Brewing was extremely pleased with the result. We raised over $268,000 from 276 investors from all over the country, a 2,133% return on investment.

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