The World's Best Boss

Client: Meat Boss

Mighty loves BBQ. More specifically, we love the boss of BBQ who is appropriately named Meat Boss. Mighty was engaged to rebrand this mom and pop operation to better position their brand for growth as a multi-location restaurant, possibly even a franchise model. With our hearts already slathered in BBQ sauce, we dove right in.

How Mighty Helped

Start With the Best Ingredients.

We started by designing a new logo that speaks to the level of craft that is involved with smoking and preparing these carnivorous offerings. Award-winning smoked meats don't just happen over night. Well, actually, they do. It takes the commitment of a pit master to tend to the smoker at all hours of the night. The end result was unique, hand-crafted and nothing short of amazing.

We Poured it on Thick.

A second aspect to the branding project included rebranding Meat Boss' BBQ sauce line, Boss Sauce. Previously only sold in their restaurant, Boss Sauce had much more potential for supermarket shelves. We redesigned the labels to better stand out on the crowded shelf and establish both a brand and an easily identifiable flavor profile system. Once we had the design nailed down, we dug in and injected some personality into each flavor description.

Virtually the Best BBQ.

Once we crafted the branding, we moved into improving the customer experience online. We wanted to convey the in-store experience in the digital space. The goal was to make the product mouth watering on-screen and easy to find information. We shot several close-up videos of food preparation, as well as ready-to-eat meals. We then prioritized contact points on the website starting with a click-to-call banner that appears at the very top of the mobile experience any time the restaurant is open. We also added ecommerce functionality that would create a new source of revenue for Boss Sauce, apparel and gift cards.

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