Branding Strong Enough For A Women’s Gym

Client: Studio Fitness

This women’s only gym was in the process of moving locations. What better time than that to give them a new brand image that spoke to the level of fitness and confidence these women display.

How Mighty Helped

Train Hard and Look the Part

The client’s customer base is as close as they are intense. A true sense of camaraderie keeps these women motivated and powerful. Studio Fitness needed a brand icon that the members could rally behind and use as a stamp of empowerment.

Better Grab a Towel

With a new space and a multitude of class offerings, the best way to showcase this gym was through video. This promotional video was created for social media to help build awareness of the gym and showcase their intensity.

World-wide Warrior Site

We approached their website as a sales funnel to increase membership and participation in classes. With a fresh redesign, users can now access class schedules, learn about instructors and inquire about a membership directly through the website.

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