Turning the branding up to eleven.

Client: Ten65

Ten65 had been a mini music festival in Mobile, Alabama for a few years. Their next evolution was to become a music, tech, and culture event that would bring the City of Mobile together for a brighter future. Mighty was engaged to redesign the branding and take the event to the next level.

How Mighty Helped

Communicating the core message.

One challenge Mighty was tasked with solving was as the core of the original branding. The name and logo caused confusion among festival goers as to what the festival meant. Previously named 'Ten Sixty Five', there were various ways people interpreted the numbers. Since the name was a reference to I-65 (north/south) and I-10(east/west) which cross in Mobile, Alabama, we had to ensure people understood where the name came from and how to interpret its meaning.

UX for each experience.

We designed the website to house information for the two main events of the festival. On one side, a user can experience everything around music, and on the other side, it was all tech. Once ready to purchase tickets, the user can make a single purchase to get all of the tickets in one place.

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