Branding designed from the ground up.

Client: The Hope Farm

The Hope Farm is an urban farm and wine bar located in Fairhope, Alabama. When they set out to create a lifestyle destination where customers can dine, enjoy fine wine, and learn about organic farming, they need to create branding that would embody their core values. Mighty was engaged to design the brand experience from logo to in-store materials.

How Mighty Helped

Natural logo design.

The branding started with designing a logo that matched the values of the farm. We created a mark that was clever yet natural. The logo uses an earthy color palette giving the brand an organic feel.

Digital experience.

We helped The Hope Farm create a cohesive experience from online to in-store. We designed their website to flow seamlessly tell The Hope Farm's story while providing information for the user. The user experience is very smooth and clean, similar to what one can expect when visiting The Hope Farm.

Down to earth collateral.

Each piece of collateral carries the branding style through to a tactile experience. We used natural and earthy cardstock to give customers a texture that felt organic.

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