Don’t Forget About The Food

Client: Tropical Smoothie Café

Tropical Smoothie Café is known for their delicious smoothies, but they offer much more on their health-inspired menu. Mighty was tasked with designing a direct mail piece that would stand out in a crowded mailbox and raise awareness of the many food items on their menu. While we know all QSR food isn't necessarily the healthiest, there is a subset of brands competing for the health-conscious consumer. We called out those competitors indirectly for the pseudo-healthy items they are known for, and we kept a strong focus on fresh photography of Tropical Smoothie Café's most popular food items.

How Mighty Helped

Headlines as fresh as the design.

We kept it real with the copy. Here are some samples of the lines used to position Tropical Smoothie Café as the better choice when it comes to QSR options.

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